Reality Show Sizzle Reel – The Big Fish

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Gunbarrel Productions almost sold this, but not quite. Check it out!


Underground Comedy is really coming along in post-production. I’ve had several people contact me wondering if they can still donate in order to receive a copy of the film. The answer is yes! The link can be found here:

The cost is $25. When the film is finished and ready to be sent, I will send you a copy! Thank you!

The Worst Year of My Life gets accepted into The Dances With Films film festival

Gunbarrel Productions initially came on as a co-producer, and eventually got bumped up to a co-executive producer on this film. We are very proud to announce that The Worst Year of My Life got accepted into the 17th annual Dances With Films Film Festival, competing in the Narrative Features category. The film premieres Thursday June 5th at 7:15pm at the TCL Chinese Theater (formerly, the Mann Chinese Theater). This theater has hosted three Academy Award ceremonies and many a movie premiere, including such iconic films as the original Star Wars and many many more. Tickets can be found here. We look forward to seeing you there.